How Should You Plan the Interiors of Your Home on Budget?

These tips and tricks will help you save the day

Decorating the interiors of your home can be an obsession, so much so that you can end up splurging on high-living items without sparing a thought. This is the classic case of your biggest dream turning into a nightmare.

And, considering that it happens even with the pros at hoarding money, your poor little case doesn’t stand a chance, baby.

Estimates say that the budget of interior makeover should be about 30% of the total construction cost the house. However, only a few in a bunch research to arrive at a budget. Most of us only think of a round-up figure, and have a very rough idea about what stuff we want, and what we do not. Perhaps this is why we turn to professional interior decorators.

The most organic consequence of this mishmash estimate is a budget that easily spirals out of control on ground zero. Add up the miscellaneous costs of fittings and furnishings, and the expenses that might come unannounced, and it’s hard to hold your heart sinking.

Well, much to your delight, the market of interior solutions has matured far better than ever. There are budget offerings for your end-to-end needs. Online access to décor accessories and building materials has made things even simpler.

Below is a comprehensive guide to planning your interiors on budget. This document includes several tips and tricks that can help you stick to your budget while stocking up all things you essentially need. So, without further ado, let’s start!

Step One: Set a Ballpark Figure

…and we don’t mean determining a total dollar value, but an approximate figure with a little leverage.

Start with listing the items you need for the makeover. This could include raw materials, furniture, wall fittings, accessories, repair and installation fees, consulting charges and more. Once you’re through with this, allocate an individual amount for each of the entries, a unique estimate for the desired outcome. Say, you allocate $3000 for furniture and decide on stretching it to $3500 with $500 as your contingency reserve.

Repeat the process for all the items and jobs in the list, and add all individual budgets to determine the rough estimate.

Step Two: Monitor Budgets Closely

Throw in your bookkeeping skills here!

To avoid your budget planning go awry, it’s important to keep a close record of every purchase you make. Better, create a checklist with budget values in one column and the actual spends in another.

As you progress through the project, tally the values and build a balance. For instance, if you have allocated $2500 for furnishing, but you actually spend just $1500, add the remaining value to the purchase of accessories.

Doing so, you’ll never slip on the edge of your contingency reserve and do maximum savings.

The rule of thumb is to buy low-cost alternatives without compromising on the quality, of course, and avoid your budget snowballing to an excess.

Step Three: Go for Bargain Hunting

To not burn a hole in your pockets, snap up bargains in garage sales and thrift shops.

A simple local Google search can provide you with details of discount suppliers and thrift shops in the nearby area to help you hunt bargains.

Alternatively, you can also try exploring sites, such as Craigslist, eBay and Overstock, which usually have a truckload of good deals on the offer.

Watch this video here that can help you in your next thrifting adventure.

Let us concur that bargain hunting is one sort of an addiction. Once you’re here, there’s no turning back. You will actually trade your expensive shopping behaviors with bargain hunting to double down on your savings. We have already made the switch. Try for yourself when you plan the interiors of your home next.

Step Four: Look for Alternatives as Many as You Can

Always, mind you, always look for alternatives.

You will be surprised to know that there is no dearth of wholesale markets that provide supplies of almost the same quality at half the price of what you find in showrooms.

Having said that, remember that it isn’t always wise to prefer cheap over expensive stuff. If a contractor is offering travertine flooring for $15 and you chance upon an offer providing high-quality ceramic tile at the same price, choose the latter. Not only will it look great, but will also last long.

The motive is to always maximize the value of your investments, and not to fall for affordability. At the same time, getting tricked into exorbitant offers is no mark of intelligence either. Be a smart shopper!

What Are the Types of Miscellaneous Expenses One Should Always Factor In?

Electrical Fittings – These expenses are inescapable. You need fans, lights, and geysers for a sufficient survival. Wirings and plugs are also a must.

Soft Furnishing Items – Accessories, such as curtains and cushions, add a flavor to rooms. They build a mood. And in all probability, you aren’t going to leave the windows uncovered and make for a nice exhibition. LOL!

Repainting – Walls are the first to bear the brunt during interior designing. This is one expense you just can’t avoid.

Pest Control – Of course, you don’t prefer living with insects, mice and lizards. Get it done as soon as possible to help you not cringe at the sight of how brazenly they parade around your house, and yes, also to ensure hygiene.

Planning interiors is loved by one and all. However it takes one shrewd mind to complete the adventure without straying too far from the budget. If you’re planning on giving your house a new look, but aren’t clued on how and where to begin, professionals at Unity Interiors can help move the needle for you.

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Planning interior on budget is the area where they lead confidently. They have helped a number of customers bring a touch of sophistication and grandeur to their living and work spaces on a shoestring.

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